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About Fawn Lane Farms

 Fawn Lane Farms near Bonners Ferry, Idaho was started in in 2013 when we came home with 13 goats from Goldendale, WA. and turned them out to pasture. One doe took a look around, ran for the fence, scrambled over it, and then disappeared into the timber beyond.
 After 10 years of Trial and Error, we are now offering whole goats for meat off the farm, as well as USDA retail cuts of grassfed goat meat for you to try. Pastures are utilized during the summer. Free choice alfalfa and timothy hay are offered when forage is scarce.  

 We raise mostly crossbreed goats with Boer, Kiko, Spanish bloodlines.  We have also added a Savannah buck for 2023 and are eagerly awaiting the results.

 Great Pyrenees live with the goats for predator protection.   Shelties are also raised on the farm and used for keeping goats in the right paddock.



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